Booted babe stretched out by her brutal crotch rope

87 photos; 9:02 video

Staring Ayla Aysel

bondage, Damsel in Distress, shiny, over the knee boots, spandex leggings, gagged girl, cleave gag, tied elbows, struggling, crotch rope, weighted crotch rope, BDSM


Hanging in the lair by her tightly bound wrists Alya struggles desperately to reach the winch holding the chain attached to her wrists. She twists, turns and kicks at the winch but it is just too far away. She screams in frustration through her gag knowing that if she can't escape before the Hunter her situation will only get worse. The Hunter returns with poor Ayla still helplessly bound and gagged. He goes over to the winch and cranks her wrists high above her head, stretching her hot body tight. He grabs more ropes and ties her elbows tightly together behind her head. Her booted ankles are then tied together and a rope is tethered to her bound ankles. This rope is pulled back behind her and ties to a ring on the wall, Her stiletto heels scrape the floor as her feet are dragged back stretching her body even tighter. Ayla watches in fear as he runs a rope up through another overhead pulley then ties a crotch rope between her legs. One end of the rope running up through the pulley is tied to crotch rope and he ties a heavy gallon of paint to the other end of the rope. He then taunts and teases her as she begs and pleads with him to please let her go. Ayla eyes go big as her drops the paint can and she watches as it falls to the floor. But then the heavy can of paint jerks the crotch rope tight forcing it deeper into her pussy and ass as he swnngs before hitting the floor. Ayla arches her back in a desperate attempt to get the swing paint can to the floor. But the rope isn't long enough and there isn't enough slack in her bondage. The Hunter leaves her alone to suffer as the swinging can of paint pulls the crotch rope even tighter with each swing.

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