Tight & shiny squat strappado predicament for the busty MILF

28 photos; 6:08 video

Staring Luna Dawn

bondage, Damsel in Distress, MILF, shiny, high heels, skin tight pants, shiny vinyl, spandex, gagged girl, cleave gag, tied elbows, struggling, strappado, ball tied, BDSM


Busty Raven hair MILF Luna sits on a tall stool with her arms welded together behind her back in ropes. Her long legs are fused together with more rope around and ankles and knees and an old rag is pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her quiet. Her bound wrists are tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley to keep her from hopping away. Luna can feel the tight ropes biting deep into the soft flesh around her upper arms, crushing her elbows completley together. She pulls desperately at the ropes in a futile attempt to get free but her struggles are in vain as the Hunter returns with even more rope. He ties a rope to her bound knees then runs the rope up over her shoulders and through her bound crushed elbows. She cries in protest as he pulls the ropes tight forcing her tits to her knees. The ropes are then wrapped around her rib cage and under her knees before being cinched tight. Luna struggles to keep her ass on the tall stool as her center of gravity is shifted forward.  Then to her horror he pulls the stool out from under her ass and sits on it himself. Luna grunts in pain as her ass sinks to her feet pulling and stretching her poor shoulder and elbows. The Hunter taunts her as she struggles in her cruel bondage. Luna tries to lift her ass to relieve some of the stress on her shoulders and elbows, but her legs begin to burn, quiver and shake from the strain. He legs tire quickly and her ass sinks to her heels again. Luna begs and pleads with the Hunter to help her as she contines to taunt her with the stool. He finally places the stool behind her and she uses the last of her strength to lift her ass and search from the seat. Luna manages to get her ass in the edge of the stool but her ordeal is far from over. The Hunter shortens the strappado rope lifting her hands up high behind her back and leaves her precariously perched on the edge of the stool. Luna begs and cries through her gag for him to come back and not leave her like this. She realizes that sooner or later she is going to have to move and lose her precarious purchase on the stool.

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