Tight & shiny squat strappado

73 photos; 8:10 video

Staring Jae Lynn

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, shiny, upskirt, back seamed stockings, gagged girl, leather panel gag, harness gag, tied elbows, struggling, balltied, strappado, neck arch, squat strappado, predicament bondage, BDSM


Pretty Jae Lynn sits on a stool with her arms fused tightly together behind her back in ropes. Ropes crushed her poor elbows completely together and her wrists are tied. A leather panel gag she strapped to her head, holding a rubber ball deep between her jaws to keep her quiet. The Hunter ties her ankles and knees tightly together with more rope as Jae Lynn begs and pleads through the gag for help. But the Hunter has just begun playing with her hapless victim, Jae Lynn's shiny blue skirt barely covers her ass and she is wearing six inch extreme stiletto heels on her feet. Once her legs are tied he pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and ties it to her bound wrists. Her wrists the then cranked up high behind her back as she struggles to keep on the stool. Once her arms are cranked up high enough the Hunter comes back with more rope. He ties a rope between her bound knees then runs the rope over her shoulder and between her bound crushed elbows, pulling her chest down to her knees in a tight ball tie. The rope is then wrapped around her ribs and under her knees and cinched tight. Jae Lynn tetters on the edge of the stool in her strict bondage. Then the Hunter ties another rope to the ring at the top of her harness gag then pulling her head back he ties her head back to her bound elbows. Then to her horror he pulls the stool out from under her ass. Jae Lynn cries in disbelief as he ass sinks to her calves and her poor arms are jerked up in a severe strappado. Her shoulders are painfully twisted in the cruel strappado as she struggles to keep her balance squating in extreme heels. The Hunter sits on the stool next to her and taunts and teases her. Jae Lynn's poor shoulders scream in agony so she struggles to straighten her legs and lift her ass. But her poor legs begin to shake and quiver from the strain and she is afraid she might fall over so she lowers her ass once again pulling and stretching her poor shoulders. She begs and pleads through her gag for the Hunter to please help her. He toys with her asking if she wants the stool back? Jae Lynn nods her head desperate to get the stool back under her ass and supporting her. The Hunter stands up and moves the stool behind her, Jae Lynn straightens her legs again and searches from the stool with her ass. She finally get her ass close enough but unfortunately her ass rests on the very edge of the stool. He laughs and tells her not to struggle too much because the stool is about to tip over. He is gong to leave her alone for a while and if her ass slips off the stool or if she knocks it over then there will be no one around to save her. She sobs and cries through her gag begging him not to leave her alone like this but it is too late he has already left the room. Jae Lynn doesn't know how long she can last before she loses the stool again and this time there will be no end to her suffering.

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