Hogcuffed and helpless she desperately searches blindly for the keys

81 photos; 7:14 video

Staring Dacey Harlot

bondage, Damsel in Distress, handcuffs, thumbcuffs, over the knee boots, shiny, upskirt, gagged girl, ball gag, cuffed elbows, struggling, hogcuffed, hogtied, BDSM


Pretty Dacey is lead into the living room with her elbows and thumbs locked together behind her back in steel cuffs. A big red ball gag that spreads her jaws open, is jammed between her teeth. The Hunter stands her in front of him and checks out her cute little helpless body. He then locks a pair of steel police handcuffs around her wrists and locks her booted ankles together with another set of handcuffs. He pulls her onto his lap as Dacey fidgets and struggles, protesting through her gag as his hands explore her body. He decides that she needs to spend a little alone time to think about being a bit more receptive. He rolls Dacey onto the floor and pulls out another handcuffs. Her legs are bent with her booted ankles pulled up to her hands and he lockes the cuffs around the chain between her wrists and then the other cuffs around the chain between her cuffed ankles. Dacey is left hogtied and helpless on the floor and to be cruel he hooks the keys to her cuffs on one of her stiletto heels. He tells her that if she can free herself before he return she can go, if not then he can only assume that she wants to stay and become his bondage toy. Dacey screams and protests through her gag as her clawing fingers desperately try to grab the keys. But with the chains holding her wrists her thumbs all but useless to her locked in thumbcuffs she can't get enough slack to slip the keys up off her stiletto heel. Dacey moans and cries in frustration as she struggles to find a way to get the keys. Finally she rolls over onto her side and the keys slip off her heel. But she can see behind her back as her hands desperately search blindly for the lost keys. She sceams in frustation as she begins to lose all hope of ever getting free.

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