Gorgeous MILF wife brutally gagged & hogtied

12 photos; 8:09 video

Staring Gigi

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The Hunter drags his hot bitchy wife Gigi into the living room by her hair, Gigi's are are strictly bound behind her back with her elbows crushed together, her wrists tightly bound and ropes cicling her chest, shoulders and arms, pinning her arms to her back. She curses and bitches at him so he pulls out a long strip of torn sheet and pulls it between her teeth, the long sheet is then wrapped around and around her head, pulling the corners of her mouth back and stifling her bitching and complaining. Gigi is pushed onto the sofa where he wraps ropes around her flailing legs and ankles, fusing her legs tightly together. But Gigi's screams, bitching and complaining can still be heard through her tight cleave gag so the Hunter pulls out a roll of shiny black electrical tape and pulls it between her teeth, over the tight cleave gag and wraps it around and around her head. The stretchy black tape pulls the gag deep within her jaws stifling her screams. Gigi is rolled to the floor and tightly hogtied then to her horror he pulls her up onto her knee points. Gigi screams begs and cries through her gag as the Hunter taunts, teases and terrifies her by balancing her on her knee points in the cruel hogtie. The Hunter makes his point with his hot defiant wife and rolls her back onto the floor and grabs more rope. He pulls the rope between her gagged lips and ties it around her head then pulls her head back with the rope and ties it off to her bound ankles. Gigi's can not more her head now of really any part of her tightly bound body. She can barely roll over as the Hunter leaves her alone to contemplate her attitude.

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