Defiant wench hairtied, hogtied for breast vacuum torment

98 photos; 8:05 video

Staring Fayth on Fire

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, shiny satin, fishnet stockings, #tied elbows, gagged girl, cleave gag, tapegagged, struggling, hair tied, hogtied, knee points, breast vacuum tubes, breast torment, BDSM 


The Hunter drags his defiant nemisis Fayth into the living room by her hair with her arms crushed together behind her back in ropes and a tight cloth cleave gag pulled between her teeth. Her elbows are brutally crushed together behind her back with rope woven down her forearms to her wrists, fusing her arms into a single unit behind her back. Fayth screams and curses through the gag so the Hunter informs her that the gag isn't effective enough so he pulls out a roll of shiny gray tape. He pulls the tape between her teeth over the cleave gag forcing her big mouth to open wider as the tape is wrapped around and around her head pulling the corner of her mouth back. He grabs her ankles and ties then tightly together with more rope. He gets up and leaves Fayth struggling helplessly on the sofa, still swearing and cursing through her gag but now her pitiful protests are effectively muffled. Fayth struggles off the sofa onto her knees and tries to crawl away, but she doesn't get far before the Hunter comes in with more rope. He pushes her to the floor and weaves a rope into her long hair. He grabs her stiletto heels and runs the rope from her hair down between her bound stiletto heels. Fayth curses and grunts into her gag as her jerks her head back and her heels up into a brutal hairtied hogtie. He then tells her that seeing that she likes being on her knees he lift her up onto her knee point and teases and torments Fayth as she begs and cries in terror and pain into her gag. He finally lowers her to the floor and rolls her onto her side and pulls her satin blouse open. Fayth's eyes go wild in horror as he shows her the breast vacuum tubes. Fayth hates the vacuum tubes even more then she hates the Hunter. She begs and cries into her gag as he attaches the vacuum tubes to her breasts and sucks the air out of the tubes. Fayth's small tits are sucked painfully into the vacuum tubes sobbing and crying into her gag. He rolls her onto her belly, Fayth yelps in pain as the vacuum tube on one of her breasts is twisted and pulled off when he rolls her onto her belly. He sees the tube has been ripped off so her rolls her back onto her side and reattaches it to her nakes tits, only tighter this time. He leaves her struggling in pain helplessly on the floor. Fayth can't move and is too scared of rolling over onto her belly in terror of ripping the vacuum tube off again. He tells her that he will be back after lunch and hopefully she will be more compliant when he returns.

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