Feminist brat bound to cum

101 photos; 9:24 video

Staring Bailey Paige

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, upskirt, shiny, backseamed pantyhose, balltied, gagged girl, ball gag, struggling, wand vibrator, bound orgams, forced orgasms, BDSM 


Petite, manhating, feminist brat Bailey finds herself sitting on the floor bound and gagged. Her nylon pantyhosed encased legs are fused together with ropes around and ankles and knees and her wrists are tied together, palm to palm, under her bound legs. A black ball gag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. The Hunter comes in to teach the haughty brat some manners, he flips her onto her back. Then he ties a rope between her bound stiletto heels then runs the rope up between her bound wrists and pulls the rope tight. Bailey's wrists are attached to her ankles with her hands wrapped around her heels. More ropes are wrapped around her elbows and legs pinning her arms to her legs. Bailey is helpless to stop him as he pulls out a wand vibrator and turning it on he presses it against her pussy. Bailey screams and protest into her gag for him to stop. But the Hunter has just gotten started, he ties a rope around her tiny waist then pulls the rope down her ass cheeks and ties the head of the wand vibrator to the rope. The rope is run between her legs and run between her rope around her tiny belly. The head of the vibrator is pulled tight against her clit and pussy. The rope is then run up to the handle of the vibrator and then he ties the handle of the vibrator to her bound ankles to stablize it. He flips the switch on and Bailey jumps in the ropes as the vibrator begins to stimulate her pussy. She desperately fights the feeling in her pussy as it is relentlessly vibed and stimlated. She scream, moans and cries into her gag as she feels the first orgasm building up inside her pussy. She pulls desperately at the ropes but they are tied bowstring tight, she can barely move. Then her body begins to quiver and shake as she surrenders to her sexual urges and begins to moan and cry through her gag in sexual pleasure. Her first orgasm explodes in her pussy as her whole body tenses and pulls at the ropes. but the ropes hold tight as her body shakes and convulses in an intense orgasms. Her orgasm subsides but she is still tightly bound and helpless as the vibrator relentlessly continues to vibrate her pussy. Bailey doesn't know how much more she can take and can already feel another orgasm building up inside her. There is no escape as her poor body bound is vibed into orgasm again and again until she lies on the floor exhausted and twitching.

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