Stalked bound, gagged and molested by the home invader

209 photos; 18:54 video

Starring Naomi Swann with Gigi

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, upskirt, shiny, backseamed stockings, hand gagged, grabbed from behind, tied elbows, on screen tying, gagged girl, panty gag, cleave gag, crotch rope, hogtied, knee points, groping, struggling, rescued, on screen untying, BDSM 


Hot blond Naomi went about getting ready for her night out, completely unaware of the danger lurking in her home. A stalker has broken in and is watching her as she gets dressed. Naomi puts on her shiny blue crop top then sits on her toilet and runs a pair of sheer back seamed nylon stocking up her long legs and attaches them to her garters. she then slips a super tight short leather skirt up her legs and over her round ass before slipping into a pair of stiletto heels. She checks herself in the mirror, Naomi reaches over her tub to lock her window and knocks a bottle of shampoo into the tub. The stalker's begins to breath hard as he watches her bend over the tub to fish out the bottle, her tiny skirt rides up giving him a peek of her panties and stocking tops. He can't wait any longer he needs to take her now, Naomi walks out of the bathroom and is immediately hand gagged and grabbed from behind. Her eyes go wild in terror over his big beefy hand as her grabs her arms and pins them behind her back with his other arms. He marches her down the hall and into her living room where he removes his hand and tells her to keep quiet or he might hurt her. He hands her a pair of her own panties that he grabbed from her laundry when he broke in and tells her to stuff them into her mouth. Terrified Naomi stuffs her soiled panties into her mouth, the brute pulls an old torn sheet between her lips and wraps it tightly around her head a few times before knotting it off. The panties are packed deep in her mouth to keep her from screaming for help now that the inital shoke is wearing off. He pulls out a bundle of rope and wraps a length of rope around the pretty blonde's upper arms and slams her elbows tightly together. Naomi grasps into her gag as she feels her elbows kiss behind her back as he cinches them tightly togehter. He ties her slender wrists tightly together before wrapping a long rope over her shoulders and runs the rope down her spine to her bound wrists. The rope is pulled up between her wrists as he jerks her hands up to the small of her back then wrapping the rope around her tiny belly before cinching her bound wrists to her back. He pushes the poor girl onto her sofa and crosses and binds her slender ankles tightly together. Naomi begs and cries through her gag as he attaches more rope to the rope wrapped around her belly and pulls it down between her legs. She sobs into her gag as the crotch rope sliced deep into her pretty blue panties splitting her pussy in two. the rope is wrapped between her bound wrist then run back down between her legs and sliced into her pussy a second time. His breathing is becoming heavier as he renders her helpless, he then tells her that he is going to keep her all weekend but needs to get some beer and intends to leave her helplessly struggling while he is gone. He tells her that the thought of having her bound, helpless and alone awaiting his return is a super turn on for him but first he needs to make sure she is completely helpless. He pulls out a roll of shiny black tape and reinforces the gag by wrapping the tape over her cloth cleave gag, packing the panties even deeper into her mouth. He moves her to the floor and hogties her by running a rope from her bound stiletto heels to her elbows and pulls the ropes bowstring tight. Once she is brutally hogtied he pulls her up onto her knees. Naomi screams into her gag but her pitiful screams are completely muffled and stifled by the cruel gag. He gropes her sexy body with her sweaty hands and checks to insure that the crotch rope is firmly seated in her pussy. Satified that the poor girl is completely helpless and effectively gagged he leaves, promising to return within the hour and then the party will begin. Naomi rolls around on the floor realizing that she is totally helpless, she can feel her elbows grinding against each other and the ropes biting deep into her flesh, she can barely move all she can really do is roll over and even that is work. She dreads him returning but she also wants to be freed from the dreadfully tight ropes. She sobs and cries through her gag giving up all hope, but then she hears a noise in the other room. She dreads the thought of the sweaty brute coming back and having his way with her but then she hears her mother's voice. At first she thinks she is hallucinating but then she hears her calling her name again. Naomi has told her mother that she can't be dropping by her house uninvited all the time, that she needed her own space. But it seems her mother has thankfully disregarded Naomi's request and has come over anyway. Naomi screams into her gag trying to get her mother's attention. The brute could return at anytime, she so she needs to be freed of the ropes and warn her mom before that happens. Her mother hears her muffled screams and find her poor daughter brutally bound, gagged and hogied on the floor. She searches for the knots to rescue her girl as Naomi tries to spit out the gag and warn her. Finally she can feel the ropes loosen as her poor elbows are freed from the rope. Her mom removes her gag and Naomi tells her what is happening and that then need to hurry before the bastard returns. Her mom searches for the knots and one by one the ropes fall free until Naomi is finally freed from her bondage. She hugs her mom with tears in her eyes and tells her that they need to get out and call the cops before the brute returns.

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