Classy secretary bound for forced orgasms

100 photos; 9:13 video

Starring Ayla Aysel

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Pretty secreatary Ayla struggles in the lair with her wrists tied behind her back and a rope tied around her throat tethered to an overhead chain. An old torn rag has been pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her quiet. She is still wearing her body hugging velvet dress, shear back seamed stockings and stiletto heels from the office. Ayla struggles helplessly pulling at the tight rope wrapped around her wrists but the ropes are too tightly tied, there is no hope of escape. She hears someone come into the room and looks up to see the hooded Hunter walk in. He comes over and checks the knots binding her wrists then cranks up the winch on the wall pulling the rope tight around her throat. He next grabs a spreader bar and ties it to her slender ankles, spreading her legs wide apart, causing her skirt to ride up her legs revealing her stocking tops and garters. She begs and cries through her gag as he grabs a wand vibrator and turns it on, she squirms in the ropes as he presses the head of the vibrator up her skirt against her pussy. Ayla moans into her gag as the vibrator stimulters her pussy, the Hunter pulls the vibrator away and ties another rope around tiny waist and pulls it down between her legs. He pulls up a chair and ties the head of the vibrator to the crotch rope and then ties the head of the vibrator up against her pussy. The end of the crotch rope is attached to her bound wrists pinning her hands to her ass. Poor Ayla moans and sighs through her gag as the vibrator begins to work over her pussy and the Hunter ties more ropes to the vibrator to stabilize it. The Hunter grabs another rope and goes behnid poor Ayla and ties her elbows close together behind her back. He then leaves her alone to suffer and struggle in her bondage as the vibrator stimulates her pussy. Ayla can already feel her first orgasm building up inside her, but the more she struggles the tighter the vibrator presses against her pussy. She can't escape the vibrator and she can barely move as the rope bites deep in her throat. Her legs become like rubber, beinging to quiver and shake from strain of standing her in stiletto heels with her legs spread wide and her poor pussy vibed and stimulated. She can feel her first orgasm take control of her body as she struggles before she screams into her gag as her pussy explodes when she cums. But there is no respite as the vibrator continue its unrelenting stimulation.

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