Two haughty Domme's chicken wing hogtied challenge

264 photos; 23:29 video

Starring Whitney Morgan & Terra Mizu

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Haughty dominatrix's Whitney and Terra are sitting on the sofa waiting for a jouralist to come interview them. That are are both pretty arogant but think that the exposure will bring in some new clients but the guy is late. They sit talking about how they should punish him like they do to their sub-boys when he walks in with his briefcase. He sits and begins the interview asking them general questions about their work. But then he beings to ask about their own personal bondage experiences. The two are at first reluctant to discuss the times they found themselves in ropes but finally they haughtily reveal that they have been bound before by they are both escape artist and no man has every made them helpless. Then the reporter offers them a challenge. He tells them that he is a rigger and offer the girls a nice bonus if they will allow him to tie them up and if they escape they will get a tidy bonus. Both Terra and Whitney like money and in their arrogance accept the challenge. He opens his briefcase and pulls out a couple of pairs of panties and a rope. He hands Terra a pair of red satin panties and then grabs Whitney's arm and pulls them behind her back. As he wraps ropes around her upper arms he tells Terra to gag her friend. Terra is only too happy to gag her rival by balling up the panties and stuffing them inside Whitney's mouth. He slams Whitney's elbows together as Terra wraps shiny red tape over her mouth and around Whitney's head, sealing her mouth shut. Whitney protests into her gag as she feels her elbows kiss behind her back as he ties them tightly together. Her friend Terra begins to laugh and mock her as her wrists are tightly bound. He wraps more ropes around her shoulder then runs the rope down her spine and pulls it up between her bound wrists. She grunts into her gag as he pulls the rope tight, forcing her hands up high behind her back and pushing her bound, crushed elbows out from her back. He then crossed and ties her ankles tightly together before pushing her onto the floor on her belly. A rope is tied between her bound stiletto heels and then run up between her bound crushed elbows. He pulls her into a strict hogtie with her heels tied to her elbows. Terra continues to laugh and tease poor Whitney as she struggles helplessly on the floor. He then tells Terra to inspect his rope work and give him a critique of his work. As Terra kneels next to her bound and helpless friend he grabs her arms and slams her elbows together behind her back and wraps ropes around her upper arms and ties her elbows tightly together. Terra protests as he pulls out the other pair of panties and stuffs them in her mouth then seals her mouth shut with layer of shiny red tape wrapped around her head. Whitney laughs through her gag as she watches from the floor as her friend is tightly bound and gagged. Terra's wrists are bound then ropes are wrapped around her shoulders and run down to her wrists. She grunts through her gag as her arms are jerked up into a cruel chicken with with her elbows jutting out from her back and her wrists cinched to her back just below her shoulder blades. He then rolls her onto her belly with her head by Whitney's knees and crosses and ties her ankles together. Terra snorts into her gag as she too is strictly hogtied next to her friend. The reporter then tells them that he made it easy for them to escape, all they have to do is untie each other. But they quickly discover that they can barely move, there is no way they can help each other in their strict chicken wing hogties. He then grabs more rope and to their total mortification and humiliation he ties a tight croth rope between their legs. The rope sliced deep into their panties, cleaving their pussys in two. He leaves them alone to stuggle in the cruelly tight ropes. After a few minutes of struggling on the floor he comes back and asks them if they give up, the two haughty are defeated and humiliated as they beg through their gag for release. He bends down and slowly unties each of them and laughs and thanks them for such a great story and photos of their helpless struggles. He leaves as they un-gag themselves in defeat wondering how to get him to not publish the story and photos in his magazine. 

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