The horny step-sister is easy prey for the lucky burglar

109 photos; 12:30 video

Starring Dacey Harlot

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Pretty Dacey sits on the sofa chatting with her boyfriend getting wet and horny, she has missed him so much and can't wait to see him again. She begs him to talk dirty to her while she materbates with a wand vibrator. She lift her skirt and begins to rub her pussy with the head of the vibrator as her boyfriend begins to talk dirty to her over the phone. Dacey gets lost in lust closing her eyes as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Her state of euphoria is broken when she hears a loud bang and looks up to see her little step-brother, Timmy, watching and recording her. Dacey is startled and quickly hangs up the phone, she has to think quick, she can't let Timmy let her father see that recording. He has forbidden her from seeing her boyfriend and she swore that she hasn't been in contact with him. Daddy has threaten to take her car away if she continues to defy him. Dacey begs Timmy to please erase the recording but Timmy tells her know. So Dacey tries to bribe him with pizza, toys anything he wants. So Timmy tells her that he is bored and he wants her to play a game of cops and robbers with him. Reluctantly Dacey agrees to the blackmail then Timmy tosses her a bundle of rope. Dacey agrees to let him tie her up but he has to promise to untie her right away. Dacey finds herself bound and gagged on the sofa with no sign of little Timmy. Her hands are bound behind her back with ropes circling her chest and shoulders, pinning her arms to her back. Her slender ankles are also tightly bound and an old torn sheet has been pulled between her lips and tightly tied around her head to keep her quiet. Dacey struggles on the sofa pulling desperately at the ropes, the little brat promised to untie her but it has already been more then half an hour and her poor hands are beginning to go numb. Dacey has had enough of this foolishness, where is that little dickhead? She struggles off the sofa onto her knees but now what the damned ropes are so tight she can barely move. She struggles on the floor and pulls at the ropes but there is no slack, she sighs and cries into her gag for Timmy to come back and untie her immediately. But it seems the bastard has left the house, then she hears a noise outside and hopeful that it is Timmy coming back to free her she looks up. But instead of Timmy she see a hooded man looking in the window, Dacey cries for help through her gag and the hooded figure disappears out of sight. She hears the back door open and turns to see the hooded burglar come into the room. He laughs as she begs him through her gag to please untie her. He pulls the gag out of her mouth and Dacey explains what happened, how her little step-brother blackmailed her and left her bound and gagged. The burglar tells her that he will help and begins to untie her ankles. Dacey is grateful but really wishes her with free her numb hands from the ropes. But once her unties her ankles and looks up her skirt the burglar has a change of heart. The wand vibrator is still laying on the floor next to poor Dacey. Then to her horror he reaches up her skirt and pulls her panties down her legs. Dacey protests and begs him to stop but he balls up her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. He then reties the cleave gag between her lips and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a roll of black electrical tape. He wraps the tape over her cleave gag which packs the panties deeper in her mouth. He then grabs her wand vibrator and turns it on, Dacey pulls at the ropes but she is helpless to stop him. He presses the vibrator against her naked pussy, Dacey continues to protest but her protest soon turn to moans and sighs as the vibrator stimulates her already wet pussy. She struggles helplessly in the ropes as the hooded burglar continues to vibe and massage her pussy as poor Dacey wriggles helplessly on the floor. She can feel an orgasm building up inside her as her pussy is dripping wet now. He finally brings her to orgams but doesn't stop, he turns her over and begins to vibrate her pussy and ass from behind, spanking her ass as she squirms in bound pleasure. He brings her to another orgasm then stops, he tells her that it has been fun but he has houses to rob and leave poor Dacey bound, gagged and drained on the floor. Dacey begs and pleads through her gag for him to come back and keep playing with her pussy but he is gone. Her poor brain is in a fog as she give up struggling in the ropes and closes her eyes to sleep.

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