Cruel leather cord squat strappado

90 photos; 8:05 video

Starring Raven Eve

bondage, Damsel in Distress, MILF, big tits, high heels, shiny, leather mini skirt, tied elbows, leather binding cords, cleave gag, gagged girl, tape gag, ball tied, strappado, squat strappado, predicament bondage, struggling, BDSM 


Busty Raven sits in a chair helplessly bound with thin leather cords and cleave gagged with a torn sheet pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head. She struggles helplessly in the chair, pulling desperately at her restraints, but the thin leather binds deep in her flesh. Her elbows are welded together behind her back with her wrists bound and forearms fused completely together. Her sexy legs are also fused tightly together with more thin leather cords tied around her ankles and knees. The Hunter returns to torment is pretty captive as she begs and pleads through her gag. But he grabs another rag and some tape, he pushes the rag between her lips then pulls the shiny white tape between her lips and double gags her over the tight cleave gag. A long thin leather cord is then tied to her crushed elbows and then run up over her shoulders. He pushes her chest down to her knees and runs the cords from her shoulders down between her bound knees. The cord is then wrapped around her ribs cage and under her knees pulling her into a tight little ball sitting on the chair. Still another thin leather cords is tied around the cords holding her chest to her knees, cinching her in a tight little ball. He then pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and ties another leather cord between her bound wrists then attaches her wrists to the chain with the leather cord. Raven's arms are twisted up high behind her back in a strappado. Then to her horror the Hunter pulls the chair out from under her ass, she screams and cries into her gag as she struggles to support herself in the tight little ball tie with her wrists tethered to the overhead chain. She squats in her stiletto heels trying to keep her balance, but her legs are already quivering and shaking from the strain, she doesn't know how long she can last like this. The Hunter pulls up a chair and sits next to her as he taunts and teases her. Raven begs and cries through her gag, she is willing to do anything just to get the chair back under her ass. Finally the Hunter relents and pulls the chair back and let her rest her ass on the seat. He leave her helplessly bound and gag still tethered to the chain as the thin leather cords slice deep into her flesh. 

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