Pretty neighbor girl suffers with her big tits brutally bound & stretched

105 photos; 11:46 video

Starring Lexi Lane

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Pretty neighbor girl Lexi struggles in the lair tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley by her bound and crushed elbows. Her mouth is packed, stuffed and sealed shut with layer of duct tape. Her hands uselessly flail about behind her back with her elbows kissing behind her back. The Hunter comes in and ties a spreader bar to her booted ankles and spreads her leg far apart. Lexy struggles to keep her balance in her stiletto heeled boots with her legs spread so far apart. The only thing keeping her up is the ropes tethered to her poor elbows. He ties her wrists tightly together then another rope is tied around her tiny waist and pulled down between her legs. She watches in helpless horror as he ties a rope to her crotch rope and runs this rope up to another overhead eye bolt. Then he ties a gallon of paint to the other end of her crotch rope. He taunts and teases her by swinging the heavy paint can around, threating to drop the paint can from a good height. He stop toying with her by lowering the paint can and letting it swing free. But he doesn't think she has enough weight so he ties another paint can to her crotch rope. Lexi moans into her gag as the crotch rope is pulled deeper and tighter into her pussy. As she struggles he grabs more ropes and pulls her big tits out of her tight spandex top. She can only helplessly watch as her big beautiful tits are wrapped in a tight tourniquet of rope. He then runs the end of the rope bind her tits to the pain cans. Lexi poor bound swollen tits are pulled and stretched down by the heavy paint cans. But he changes his plan because her tits are being stretched enough so he unties them from the paint can but then runs the rope up to the eye bolt then ties the end of the rope to the paint cans. Now her poor throbbing tits are pulled and stretched upward. He leaves her struggling in her cruel predicament sobbing, begging and crying into her gag. 

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