The tight leather cords slice deep in her flesh

101 photos; 9:03 video

Starring Carmen Valentina

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, shiny, stockings, leather binding cords, on screen gagging, cleave gag, gagged girl, struggling, hogtied, BDSM 


Curvy Carmen is dragged into the room by her hair as she protests, bitches and complains about the tight leather cords that bite deep in her flesh. The cords slice deep into her wrists, binding them behind her back with more cords cutting into the soft flesh of her elbows and upper arms. The Hunter pulls a pair of her panties out of his pocket and stuffs them into her protesting mouth to shut her up. Then black elastic bandage is pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly  around her head to pack the panties deep in her mouth. He sits on the sofa and spins her around then wraps another leather cord around her knees and ties them tightly together. Once her knees are tightly bound he pulls her onto the sofa and grabs her ankles. Carmen's stiletto heels flail in the air as he wraps another leather cord around them. He bind her ankles tightly together as she cries and wriggles on the sofa in protest. Once her curvy legs are fused together he stands her up and taunts and teases her as Carmen struggles to maintain her balance in her bound stiletto heels. The Hunter pushes her back onto the sofa and leaves her to struggle in the tight leather bondage. Carmen twists, turns and struggles with the cords trying to break free. She discovers that in her desperate struggles she has manages to loosen the knots at her wrists. She rolls over on the sofa with her knees on the floor and her wriggling ass in the air as she desperately tries to free her wrists from the leather cords. She manages to work the cords and almost frees her wrists but the Hunter comes back and discovers her progress. Carmen screams and cries into her gag in frustration as the Hunter re-ties her wrists tighter this time and rolls her onto the floor and cinches still another cord between her bound wrists. Carmen can feel the cords sliced deep into her wrist bones as he cinches them tightly together. He bends her legs pulling her stiletto heels up to her ass and tightly hogties poor Carmen. He grabs and gropes her tits before leaving her alone to struggle helplessly on the floor. Carmen pulls at the leather cords that bite deep into her flesh but there is no slack at all, she isn't going to escape again. (9:03 minutes)

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