Pretty secretary bound for overtime

7:35 video

Starring Jessica

bondage, Damsel in Distress, high heels, secretary, hand over mouth, tied elbows, gagged girls, tape gagged, crotch rope, BDSM

Adorable secretary Jessica wasn't happy about working on the weekend, but she took time off for her birthday last week and had to make up her hours. The boss sent her to the remote warehouse to take inventory for the salvage department which really annoyed her because the warehouse was so creepy. She got down to business knowing the sooner she was finished the sooner she could leave and head for the beach. She defiantly lite up a cigarette knowing that smoking was prohibited in the warehouse. She was about done with the inventory and her cigarette which she crushed out on the floor under her high heel pumps. That is when her terror began, a hulking thug grabs her from behind and clamps his hand tightly over his mouth. He seemed as suprised to find the pretty secretary there as she was. Jessica struggled in his grasp but she was no match for his strength as he out weighed her by over 100#s. "What am I to do with you now?" he pondered as he drug her away. He tied her up tight with her elbows painfully crushed together behind her back and her slender wrists cinched tight. Ropes were wrapped around her shouldeer and arms pinning her upper arms tightly to her back. He pulled her into a remote part of the warehouse and sat her on a box. She started complaining as soon as he took his hand away from her mouth but he was ready for that with a balled up rag which he stuffed into her mouth. He then tore off strips of duct tape and sealed her mouth shut with the rag wadding up inside gagging her into near silence. All Jessica could do is moan as he pulled out more ropes. He stood her up and tied another rope tightly around her narrow waist and then to her horror and chagrin he pulled the rope down between her crotch and pulled it deep into her sensitive petals and then up the crack of her ass where he anchored the rope to her wrists before pulling back down and through her crotch again. The rope bit deep into her poor pussy and her satin panties offered little protection from the brutal rope. Now her hands were immobilized and anchored to her crotchrope. He then sat her back down on the box and tied her ankles tightly together. After he bound her ankles he tethered then to her wrist tie so she was unable to straighten her legs and possibly hop away. He left the hapless secretary there to go finish looting the warehouse. But before he left he tauted her, "I hope that they put you in for some overtime, because you are going so spend hours here before someone will find you." Jessica fidgeted in her bondage but she knew that there was no escape and she dreaded being found like this by the immigrant crew that she loathed. Her dress was hiked up high on her hips with the degrading crotchrope as she sobbed and moaned helplessly praying that one of the supervisors will find her first.

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