They searched for an escape from the white slaver's lair

10:26 video

Staring Kali & Destine

bondage, Damsel in Distress, handcuffs, Irish eight cuffs, boots, over the knee boots, shiny, gagged girls, ballgag, struggling, BDSM


Destine struggled to open her eyes, her head throbbed and her body ached. She tried to move her hand to her head but it was locked behind her back. She opened her eyes realizing that cold steel handcuffs dug deep into her wrists. She looked down at her body and realized that her clothes were missing and someone had changed her into a super short tight red skirt, thigh high red boots and a slutty top. She looked over to the other chair and saw her friend Kali slumped in the chair with her hands also locked in steel cuffs behind her back. Her clothes were also changed and she wore a super short tight pink micro mini skirt, pink boots and slutty white top. A huge black ballgag was strapped tightly in her mouth and she could feel her own mouth wedged open with a similair ball gag strapped tightly between her teeth. She kicked at Kali's booted foot to try to wake her up. Destine looked down at her foot and seen that she was shackled by one of her ankles to one of Kali's ankles. She looked around the huge room, it was strewn with trash and debris. Kali moaned into her gag waking up, Destine needed her awake and alert so that they could try to escape before whoever had stolen their clothes and left them handcuffed and gagged here returned. Kali woke up and they got to their feet. It was tough walking shackles together in stiletto heeled boots. Then headed for a doorway and peered outside hoping that no one was around. The stepped into a corridor they didn't know which was to go. They headed down the corridor to a door and opened the door to another corridor. There were other doors and then tried to open the one at the end of the hall. But it was locked, the girls had to turn around and look for another way out. They wandered around lost and confused they seemed to be walking in circles and all the main doors were locked. It seemed hopeless and they needed a place to hide and plan their next more. The girls found an empty room and squeezed into a corner to hide and gather their thoughts. The girls cried and sobbed realized that their chances of escape were not good.

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