Three haughty Domme's experience a strict chicken wing hogtie

360 photos; 36:58 video

Starring Vicky Vixx, Terra Mizu & Luna Dawn

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Three haughty Domme's Vicky, Terra and Luna are sitting on the sofa talking about bondage. They want to get better at using rope on their subs and decide to help each other out by experimenting on each other. Vicky comes up with the idea of trying to emulate the chicken wing hogtie. The girls agree that it is a tough tied to master but want to learn. Vicky and Luna decide that Terra is the most limber and grab her and pulls her hands behind her back as Vicky binds her wrists. But Vicky quickly becomes confused and decides that they need help. The Hunter is in the next room working so they call him and ask if he could help them learn. He agrees and grabs the rope and ties Terra's wrists tightly behind her back. Then as Vicky and Luna watch he wraps the ropes around her upper arms and slams her elbows tightly together. He next shows the girl how to harness the shoulders to prepare for the chicken wing. The rope is run down between Terra's wrists then he pulls the rope taut forcing her hands up high behind her back so her elbows jut out and her wrists are just below her shoulder blades. The ropes are wrapped around her chest, just above her big tits then her wrists are tightly cinched in place. He pushes Terra onto the sofa and crosses and begins to tied her ankles together. Terra begins to bitch and complain so he asks the girls if they have something to gag the wench with. Vicky goes and grabs a bandanna and some tape then Vicky and Luna force the bandanna deep inside Terra mouth as the Hunter finishes up her ankles. He then helps the two girls wrap the tape around Terra's head to seal her mouth shut. Terra is then moved to the floor on her belly as the Hunter ties another rope to the rope between her shoulders. The rope is run down to her crossed ankles then pulled tight, forcing Terra to arch her back as her ankles are pulled up to her ass. She struggling on the floor whining and complaining through her gag as Vicky and Luna inspect the rope work. Terra can barely move with the ropes pulled bowstring tight. The Hunter then tells Vicky and Luna to untie the wench and learn the ropes by reverse engineering. Terra is untied by the other girls and once she is free of the ropes she unwraps the tape and spits out the gag. Who is next? Terra and Vicky grab Luna as the Hunter grabs some thin leather cords. As Vicky and Terra hold LUna the HUnter wraps the cords around Luna elbows and slams them completely together behind her back. Luna grunts and complains as the cords bite deep into her flesh crushing her elbows together. He ties her wrist then wraps a long leather cord over her shoulders and then runs the cords down her spine to her bound wrists. She groans as he pulls the slack out of the leather cord lifting her wrists up high behind her back and jutting her elbows out. The leather cords are then wrapped around her chest, above her tits then wrapped back down to her wrists. Luna wrists are then cinched tightly to the small of her back. She is then sat on the floor where her ankles are crossed and tightly bound with more leather cords. Vicky and Terra grab another bandanna and then stuff it deep in Luna's mouth before the two girls seal her mouth shut with layers of shiny white tape. The Hunter rolls her over onto her belly and jerks her legs up into a cruel hogtie. Luna struggles on the floor as the Vicky and Terra ask for a better look. So the Hunter pulls poor Luna up onto her knee points and taunts and teases her as he balances her on her knee. He then lowers her to the floor and they watch her struggle in the tight leather restraint. Finally the Hunter tells Terra and Vicky to untie the wench and learn the ties in reverse. Once Luna is free of the leather cords she unwraps the tape and spits out the gag. Vicky tries to talk her way out of taking her turn but the other girls will not hear of it. The grab Vicky as the Hunter gathers up more rope. He wraps the rope around her upper arms and slams her elbows tightly together. Vicky grunt in pain as her elbows kiss together, the Hunter ties her wrists together with Vicky's forearms fused so tightly together that he can barely cinch the rope around her wrists. More ropes are wrapped around her shoulders and run down her back to her tightly bound wrists. Vicky screams and protests in pain as her arms jerked up in a strict chickenwing. The rope is wrapped around her chest and then cinched tightly around her bound wrists. Vicky is bitching and complaining so much that they can't wait to gag her. Luna balls up an old rag and stuffs it into Vicky's mouth then Terra wraps tape around her head to seal her mouth shut. Vicky's ankles are crossed and bound before the Hunter pushes her onto her belly. A rope is run from her crossed and bound ankles to her elbows then she is strictly hogtied. The Hunter grabs her by the shoulders and lift her up onto her knee points. Vicky's eyes go wild in terror as she screams in protest into her gag as the Hunter taunts and teases her by balancing her on the knee point. He finally lower her to her floor as Terra and Luna taunt her, they threaten to leave her alone like that while they go to lunch. Vicky screams for help through her gag but they all just laugh her pitiful screams. Finally they tell her that they were just joking and come back in free their friend from the ropes. Once Vicky is free from the ropes he unwraps the tape from her head and spits out the gag and swears she will never let the Hunter tie her up again. 

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