Curvy business woman forced to gag herself before being brutally hogtied

99 photos; 10:14 video

Starring Freshie Juice

bondage, Damsel in Distress, BBW, high heels, shiny, satin, fishnet stockings, gagged girl, tape gag, self gagging, tied elbows, struggling, rope, knee points, hogtied, BDSM 


Arriving home with a briefcase full of important files curvy Freshie dreading working from home. All she wanted to do was kick off her heels and get into some comfy clothes before getting to work. But her plans were abruptly changed for her when she walks in the door and is grabbed from behind and feels the cold hard steel sticking into her ribs. A masked brut tells her to keep quiet and open the briefcase that she drops. Freshie refused to unlock the briefcase so the brut pushes her into the living room and tells her that he was hoping that she would be difficult. He tosses a red bandanna to her and orders her to stuff it into her mouth. Freshie looks up in fear as she balls up the bandanna and packs it into her mouth. Then he tosses her a roll of white tape and tells her to pulls the tape between her lips and wrap it tightly around her head. Freshie does as she is told and gags herself with layer of the white tape wrapped tighlty around her head. He orders her to face the sofa with her back to him and get on her knees with her fingers locked behind her head. Freshie sobs into her gag in terror and does as she is instructed. He grabs her arms and pulls them behind her back. She can feel the ropes wrapped tightly around her upper arms as her elbows are slammed together behind her back. The soft satin sleeves of her blouse offer scant protection from the brutally tight ropes as her elbows kiss together and the ropes bited deep into her flesh. He grabs her wrists and ties them tightly together. More ropes are then wrapped around her shoulders, elbows and chest, pinning her arms to her spine as he cinches them tight. He orders her onto her belly and to cross her ankles. Freshie does as she is told and can feel more rope being wrapped around her crossed ankles and cinched tightly together. Another rope is tied around her crossed ankles then pulled up to the ropes around her elbows. Freshie grunt in pain as her stiletto heels are pulled up to her bound wrists as the hogtied rope is pulled bowstring tight. She can't believe what is happen to her as he pulls her up onto her knee points and taunts and teases her as she struggling helplessly in the ropes. Freshie can barely move and is solely dependent on the brute to hold her up on her knees or she will fall flat on her face. She screams in terror as he lets her go and she begins to fall but he catches her and toys with her again before lowering her to the floor. Freshie can barely move the ropes are so tight. He rolls her over onto her belly and tells her to get comfortable, it will be a long weekend together. He leaves her alone on the floor helplessly hogtied and barely able to move, he tells her that he will be back soon and begin her interrogation once she is truly desperate to be free of the ropes.

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