Brutally balltied with thin leather cords

99 photos; 9:52 video

Starring Adara Jordin
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Curvy Adara struggles with the Hunter as he pulls to the sofa with her wrists tightly tied behind her back with thin leather cords. A big red ballgag that spreads her jaws painfully open has been jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. He pushes her onto the sofa and grabs her ankles and ties them tightly together with more leather cords. Adara struggles to get away by springing her to her feet and hopping away. But she doesn't get far before the Hunter grabs her and pulls her over his lap and give her ass a good spanking with his bare hand. Then more leather cords are wrapped around tightly woven up her calves to just below her knees. He grabs more leather cords then tied her knees tightly together. The thin leather slices deep into her flesh fusing her legs tightly together. The Hunter rolls her over onto her belly with her knees on the floor and grabs more leather cords. He wraps the cords around her elbows then slams them tightly together. Adara grunts and cries in pain as her elbows kiss behind her back. The cords are then woven down her arms to her bound wrists, welding her arms completely together from her wrists to her elbows. But even though she is brutally bound with the thin leather cords Adara still tries to get away by crawling on her ass. The Hunter sees that she needs more restraint to keep her out of trouble. Another leather cord is tied around the back of her neck then pulled between her bound knees, he pulls the slack out of the leather bring her knees to her chest in a tight little ball. He rolls her over onto the carpet but Adara isn't ready to surrender yet and tries to crawl away again. He sees that she needs more bondage so ties another cord between her bound stiletto heels then pulls her heels back to her ass and attaches the end of the cord to her bound wrists. Now Adara is totally fucked and can't move, he sits her up on her ass and watches as she struggles to keep her balance and not topple over. But he as work to do so give her a nudge and watches as she topples to the floor on her side. Adara can barely move now, there is no escape, she can feel the thin leather cords burn deep into her flesh. She sobs and cries through her gag knowing that she is truly helpless.

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