Hot blond bitchy wife hogtied

67 photos; 8:33 video

starring Roxie Rae
bondage, damsel in distress, high heels, leather, upskirt, shiny, back seamed stockings, rope, tied elbows, struggling, cleave gagged, on screen gagging, gag talking, hogtied, BDSM
Sexy blond Roxie has been getting fed up with her degenerate gambling husband going out day and night with his loser friends and when he is home he is watching and betting on sports. So when he mentioned taking her out for a night on the town she got excited and got all dressed up sexy in the new leather outfit he bought her. Roxie struts into the living room dressed to kill in her skin tight black leather outfit with stiletto heels and back seamed stockings. If this outfit doesn't turn him on then nothing will. She stops and poses before noticing that he isn't dressed to go out at all and is sitting on the couch watching his sport. Roxie's disappointment turns to anger as she begins to berate and curse at him, calling him a no good loser and degerate gambler. She has had enough of his bull shit and demands a divorce, but as she turns on her heels to storm out of the room she is suddenly jolted with 50k volts from behind. She falls to the floor stunned then recovers enough to try to crawl away but her sick husband stands over her and pins her to the floor with his foot before giving her another jolt with the stungun and everything goes black. Roxie awakens later still on the floor but something is really wrong, her arms are pulled up behind her back and she can't more them. She then feels the tight ropes slicing deep into her soft flesh around her upper arms, wrists and slender ankles. Her poor elbows kiss behind her back and her shoulder ache from being strectch so far back. She cries out for help and looks up to see the fucker sitting there still watching his sports, he looks over at her and welcomes her back. Roxie pulls at the ropes and demands he untie her immediately, he refuses to move as Roxie becomes furious and begins to curse and berate him again. She demands to know what is going on, why has he tied her up? Then he informs her that his bookie things she is smoking hot and has offered to forgive all of his gambling debts and pay him for a night with his pretty blond wife. Roxie calls him crazy and demands to be untied but instead of untying her he pulls out an old torn sheet and standing over his he tells her that he is getting tired of her foul mouth. He pulls the sheet between her lips and wraps it around her head and mouth a few times before tying it off behind her head. Roxie continues to curse and swear into her gag as she struggling on the floor. He pulls her up onto her hip and leaves the room to call his bookie. Roxie pulls desperately at the ropes, she can't believe this is happening to her. He comes back and tells her that he has to go out to get some liquor for the party but can't take a chance of her getting free of the ropes. He wraps more ropes around her shoulders, arms and back then pushes her back down onto her belly. He pulls her bound stiletto heels up to her hands and hogties his pretty blond wife on the floor. Roxie screams and cries in disbelief as the fucker leaves her alone and struggling helplessly hogtied on the floor. She has to find a way to escape the cruelly tight ropes before he comes back with his buddies and the bookie but there is no escape she knows she is fucked.

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