Busty prey breast bound and abused by the bounty hunters

135 photos; 12:01 video

starring JJ Plush with Gigi
bondage, damsel in distress, high heels, upskirt, shiny, rope, tied elbows, hand over mouth, tape gagged, gagged girl, struggling, big tits, breast bondage, ziptied tits, hogtied, BDSM
Busty JJ has been on the lam since she skipped bail and has had the bounty hunters on her tail. They finally caught up with their elusive prey and have decided that they will have a little fun with her for all the time and trouble she has caused them. So instead of using handcuffs for restraints they have decided to go with rope. JJ's poor arms are welded cruelly together behind her back with ropes crushing her elbows completely together and her wrists tightly tied. The Hunter throws her onto the bed then pulls out an old bandanna from his pocket and balls it up. He stuffs the bandanna deep into poor JJ's mouth to keep her quiet, JJ's jaws are spread painfully open as she chokes on the gag. Then an old torn sheet is pulled between her lips, wrapped twice around her head and tied off behind her neck to keep her from spitting out the bandanna. Then to insure that there is no chance for her to dislodge the gag he wraps shiny black electrical tape over her gag, packing the gag deeper and tighter into her mouth. Poor JJ can barely make a sound now with the brutal gag filling her big mouth to capacity. Next he wraps ropes around her slender ankles and ties them tightly together. The Hunter leaves her struggling on the bed to get more restraints, JJ wriggles off the bed onto her knees and tries to crawl to the door, but she doesn't get very far at all before the Hunter comes back with a handfull of nylon zipties. He pulls her huge tits out of her bra then wraps one of the zipties around the base of one of her tits. JJ begs and cries into her gag as he pulls the ziptie tight. The brutally tight ziptie slices deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tit causing it to swell and bulge. Then he grabs another zip tie and wraps it around the base of her other tit then pulls it tight. JJ huge tits are choked in a nylon tourniquet and are already beginning turn colors. JJ's eyes go big as she sees him pull out a another ziptie and wraps it around both of her bound swollen tits. He then zipties both of her poor throbbing tits tightly together. He pulls her to her feet and hops her back over the the bed and tosses her onto the mattress. He grabs more rope and brutally hogties her attaching her bound stiletto heels to her tightly bound wrists. Leaving poor JJ helplessly bound on the bed he tells her that he has to go get the van ready for transport and tells her that the boss, Gigi will keep her company. He leaves and Gigi comes in, she looks down at her helplessly bound captive and can't resist grabbing, groping and playing with her bound swollen tits. JJ begs and cries into her gag as Gigi molests her helpless body. She closes her eyes hoping that her nightmare will end.

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