Bitchy redhead wife brutally bound with speaker wire

58 photos; 9:01 video

Staring Lauren Phillips
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Busty redhead Lauren was super excited to try on the new dress her husband bought her. He promised to take her out once she was all dolled up. It has been months since they spent anytime out together, he fell in with a crowd of degenerate gamblers and spends all his free time watching and betting on sports or heading out for marathon poker games. He promised her he would change and bought her a new dress to prove it. Lauren comes out of the bedroom in her new skin tight mini dress, she also put on a pair of black back seamed stockings and a pair of six inch stiletto heels to show off her long legs. She comes out to model her new outfit taking a sexy spin and lifting the hem of her skirt to give him a peek of her stocking tops and panties. But then she notices him still in his sweats watching sports. WTF she screams, Lauren is livid, he promised to take her out and had her get all dolled up and now he is just sitting there. She has had enough of his and comes over to the sofa to give him a piece of her mind. Waving her hands around in anger she calls him a loser and degenerate gambler. She has had enough of his bull and wants a divorce. She flips him the bird before turning to storm out of the room. That is when she feels the jolt of 50k volts from a taser shoot through her body. Stunned Lauren falls to the floor, weaken by the taser she tries to crawl away when she is pinned to the floor by her husbands foot. He then hit her again to the taser and she black out. Lauren awakes sitting on a bar stool, her body still weak from the electric shock. She tries to move when she feels thin wire slicing deep into her arms, ankles and knees. Her elbows are crushed together and bound with the thin speaker wire wrapped tightly around her upper arms and then woven down her forearms to her wrists, fusing her arms completely together. Her ankles and knees are also wrapped in the thin wire with her stiletto heels anchored to the base of the stool. She turns to see her husbands sitting there watching sports on the TV. WTF she orders him to untie her immediately. He can't do this to her and what kind of sadist fuck ties someone up with speaker wire? Lauren tries to move but the wire slices deeper into her flesh. She demands he untie her and starts to bitch at him and berate him again. Lauren realizes that he isn't going to respond to her temper so she changes tactics and tries to seduce him into untying her. It seems to be working as he comes over and lifts the hem of her skirt and feels her pussy through her panties. He then pulls one of her breasts out of her skin tight dress and fondles her tits. Lauren thinks her soft approach is working but them he informs her that his buddies are coming over and she is going to be the entertainment. Lauren's eyes go big, he can't be serious, he can't have is friends over with her helplessly bound and on display. She orders him to stop this foolishness and unties her immediately. But he pulls a pair of her panties out of his pocket, 'what are you going to do with those?' Then she realizes that he intends to gag her, Lauren shakes her head but he forces the panties into her mouth and then clamps his hand over her mouth a smiles. He cleave gags with with red tape and pulled her tits out of her dress. He then tied her big tits with more speaker wire. The thin wire cuts deep into the soft flesh around the base of her boobs like a tourniquet, causing them to swell up and mushroom out. Lauren is livid and screams into her gag but her bitching and screams are now muted and muffled by the panties and tape. She struggles desperately in the brutal speaker wire bondage but there is no escape. He grabs and fondles her bound throbbing tits telling her that he is in debt and she is going to help him pay off his debt by entertaining his buddies and bookies. She screams and cries into her gag but there is no way she can escape from this brutal bondage, she is going to spend the weekend as their bound and gagged bondage sex slave.

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